The Tenants Association Stuttgart and Environs and its membership conditions

Our business is to help tenants and to look out for their interests. Besides that we stand for a social housing-politic and a social housing-law. Since the year 1900 the Tenants Association Stuttgart and Environs (DMB-Mieterverein Stuttgart und Umgebung e.V.) is the only acknowledged community service to all tenants in and around Stuttgart.

Our Offers - or 5 good reasons to become a member

As a member of the Tenants Association you always get advice and help by experienced legal advisers.

  1. The correspondence with your landlord or his lawyer connected with the consultations is done free of charge by our experts.
  2. The members of the Tenants Association get legal protection. This legal protection helps reduce the risk of going to court. In case of a lawsuit the needed costs for your lawyer, costs of the court and the costs that may have to be restudied to the lawyer of the opposite party get refunded up to 6.000 €. Your share is only 200 €. For members who stay with our association for at least 5 years this share is reduced to 100 €.
  3. This legal protection is only given after a three- month waiting period is fulfilled and the advice of the Tenants Association has been used to try to settle the problem amicably. Damages before or within this waiting period are not insured.
  4. Honorary assistants of our association can examine the conditions of your apartment for reasons of evidence when the legal adviser thinks it´s needed. (For example: When you move in or out of an apartment and need somebody to testify for the apartment being in good condition.)
  5. Every second month you’ll get the Tenants Newspapers for free. It gives useful hints and tips for renters, information about current lay important for tenants in and around Stuttgart. The members also receive our newsletter regularly via e-mail.

How to become a member of the Tenants Association?

Every tenant can become a member of the Tenants Association when he agrees to our statute. The membership starts with January 1st of the year you declare your joining. With the admission to our association you get the right to vote at our general meeting.

The membership subscription is 84 € for the first and for the second calendar year each.
Each following calendar year it´s 72 €.The minimum membership is 2 years – no upper limit.

You can apply for the membership via e-mail, letter, fax or online. The appropriate forms can be found on our page "Mitglied werden".

How to get the legal advice of the Tenants Association?

As a member of the tenants association you’ve got the right to ask for the advice of our legal advisers as often as you wish.

1. Advice in our office

Just call for an appointment. Please find the phone number and office hours in the grey box on the right.

2. Advice by phone

As a special service to all our members we offer the legal advice by phone. Please find the phone number and office hours in the grey box on the right. Please appreciate that sometimes you’ve got to wait because the lines are busy. The advice by phone is meant to be for short advises and concrete questions. Please keep in mind that for complicated problems the legal adviser has to take a look through some papers so that definite advice can’t be given by phone.

3. Written advice

To get written advice you only have to send us a letter, fax or an e-mail telling your problem. Please enclose copies of every contract or letter connected with this problem. Take note that the correspondence is done in German.

How to terminate your membership

The termination of the membership is only possible up to December 31st of the calendar year with three months notice. The shortest term of membership is 2 years.

This legally admitted limit we have to set for the protection of our legal advising office, which can only be upheld by high expenditures to be at the disposal of new members and long staying members in the same way. By leaving our activity area your membership doesn’t end automatically. In this case also the prescribed time of the cancellation has to be kept. But we can transfer your membership to your new local tenants association at your request.

Please take care of prescribed times

When your landlord or his lawyer gives you a prescribed time to act you should call us at least a week before the end of it to make sure, you get no legal disadvantage. Whenever we will give a prescribed time to your landlord you should tell us when the claims have not been fulfilled.

Going to court

The legal advisers of the tenants association give you legal advice off court. Tenants association can’t do the representation of your interests in court. This has to be done by lawyers. Of course we can tell you experienced lawyers. Against the risk of costs for court and lawyers you’ve got the legal protection. (Please keep the three-month waiting period in mind.)

We welcome your joining to the Tenants Association

Even if the reason may be an unclear legal situation we are pleased to represent your interests. But beyond the present reasons of joining we wish to keep you as a member like more than 30.000 tenants in and around Stuttgart which are already members of our association.


Claims can only put through when people of equal interests get together completely and lasting.

Protect yourself and your rights by becoming a member.